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Rose tint my world...

...keep me safe from my trouble and pain.

Little Sam
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JasonWF: I don't consider myself "weird". I consider myself enlightened, and most others just too unfortunate to understand me.

Punkgirl50: i kno my way around newark better then any white girl should

Steve: she's not an m i'd l to f

ITLMA778: my rent is due tomorrow...i have $1
stardust04: lets win the lottery
ITLMA778: i cant afford a ticket lol

"i hope he doesnt care too much about her otherwise hes got a valid reason to come after me...in a dress"

tim: Combine forces.
stardust04: with your veggies and my wok, we could take over the world.
stardust04: or our kitchens.
tim: No Sam.
tim: The motherfucking world.

Jinx, give me a cup! Of pur unfiltered awesome. I would thoroughly enjoy it. =)

Steve: ^_____________^ What can I say, sometimes I r teh win

tim: don't buy the cow far away because there's milk next door.
tim: Or something
tim: like that

Tache: I'm a jack-of-all-nerds.

dub upset: stop downplaying your boobs

Dejection5: all those southerners want to do is empregnate you!

KYA8: i've gotten to the point of lazyness if it took anymore effort to breathe i'd just give up lol

xxMachineLove: you're like "hm. whatev."
xxMachineLove: like not even, "whatever." it's whatev. not even important enough to have the last syllable

stardust04: im like "oh man this movie is gonna suck. i cant wait!"
Dejection5: hey you never know
Dejection5: snakes...on a plane
Dejection5: sounds like a potential thriller
Dejection5: it could be like thousands of snakes and like 3 people

JasonWF: Geez, get a life, will ya?
stardust04: i have one!
JasonWF: No you don't
JasonWF: Shush
JasonWF: Quiet time, baby's sleeping

hasasecret: I was sitting before.
hasasecret: ...on the toilet to be exact.
hasasecret: and i was thinking... "Damn, I'm awesome."

ChevyGuy102: its what science does
ChevyGuy102: ruins fun
ChevyGuy102: its a proven fact

JasonWF: Bad Sam, no cookie

xxMachineLove: in fact i hate everyone. except you, you're too petite for me to endow hatred in

Dejection5: you seem so offended by this

Ragnar: southern accents scare me
Ragnar: out of my skin
Ragnar: ...into a lake of fire
Ragnar: its that bad

Dejection5: sorry cant help myself im the johovahs witness for psychology
stardust04: haha. must recruit EVERYONE.
Dejection5: or bf skinners witness i should say
stardust04: freuds witness
Dejection5: i will condition YOU!
stardust04: LoL
Dejection5: yeah haha
Dejection5: you unconsciously want to go

Frankie26200: I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth
Frankie26200: even if it's a cyber-horse

Dejection5: EVALUATE!
Dejection5: people who love psych love to evaluate

Jerry: I'd give anything to have a good pair of lederhosen.

Ragnar: drown his sorrows in steak
Ragnar: its divine
Ragnar: steak is power

xxMachineLove: what tangled webs we weave sam

xxMachineLove: lesbian whore cake

stardust047: i drove past the ginormous Cabelas outlet place in PA
KYA8: you can buy firearms there like they are soup at shoprite

KYA8: it's kick ass
KYA8: like if chuck norris and the ninja turtles had a baby

Dejection5: was i the straw that broke the camels back?

tenno: well sam
tenno: i just wanna let you know that
tenno: I have feelings
tenno: for
tenno: you
tenno: r
tenno: MOM
stardust047: u idiot

Jerry: those things always kind of amazed me as a child
me: ...cornucopias?
Jerry: yeah. they just made no sense

KYA8: want me to come make it better
KYA8: i probably have a tea for it

BeerLeg: And it's horribly interesting.

WahWah: uhohs, someone's got a samcrush
WahWah: emergency dance party!

Ragnar: conan the sumarian
Ragnar: Conan the destroyer
Ragnar: CONAN

Dejection5: i need someone to explain it to me on a kindergarden level

WahWah: Emergency death party

boredvin: im decently 'azn'

KYA8: it really chaps my ass

boredvin: just cause im joking around doesn't mean that im not serious!

theabyss: wishing my internet would combust
theabyss: in a fit of fire
theabyss: and molten... internetness..

boredvin: i swear i'll keep it strictly business
boredvin: when i say business, i mean personal

Ragnar: you love me
Ragnar: .......
Ragnar: well
Ragnar: even if you don't
Ragnar: you tolerate me when you probley shouldn't

Dejection5: you want to believe in love sam!

Dejection5: hmm
Dejection5: thats just crazy enough to work

Frankie26200: it's not about being manly
Frankie26200: it's about not being girly

MTache: people who find me attractive have weird taste in guys

WahWah: I need 512 of gf4r

Ragnar: oh sam
Ragnar: the things you do to me in the guise of normal conversation

MB: Let's sell our WoW accounts for drugs and kill ourselves

Ragnar: sam, you're totally a biblical curse

stardust047: y = mx + b
WahWah: Omg I hate you cuz you remember stuff

stardust047: norcross
KILLcameron: ohh
KILLcameron: i have no idea where that is

Reverie: so...my mom is like mcdonalds?

Reverie: mcdonalds has also "served 99 billion and still serving"
stardust047: and so has your mom?

stardust047: like SMB doesnt have much story
WahWah: lol sure it does
WahWah: your princess is continually in another castle

JasonWF: Well, we ALL want to do horrible things to you Sam, you should be used to it

JasonWF: If we were in the same state for too long, the awesome would EXPLODE and the world wouldn't be able to handle our superpower

Stylee: you steal
Stylee: like a theiving thief!
Stylee: except spelled correctly

ZggyStrDst2: stfu puppy hater!

Ragnar: would you vote for jon stewart?
stardust047: i vote for rudy giuliani
Ragnar: but... he's bald

stardust047: who kisses and prays??
WahWah: German people, apparently :P

WahWah: I cant find my work pants *cry*
stardust047: lol
stardust047: im wearing them
stardust047: sorry
WahWah: lol they'd be a fucking studio apartment on you

WahWah: that's why I feel so fat! I'm wearing your pants! :O We must have put on the wrong pants after we were finished studying meteorology

Jerry: we can't sell pastries with no pants on anymore

timhasasecret: Hey baby, wanna play my wii

KILLcameron: it's like you all, you guys, yall. smartest to dumbest

WahWah: baaaahhh bahbahbahbah bah bah
WahWah: bah bah bah bah bahbah dahnahnahnahnah falaalaaalaaalaaalaaaaa
stardust047: wtf
stardust047: are u singing kick the can?
WahWah: yeah

Reverie: yeah...dammit sam! your gonna be my lesbian no matter what you say!

KILLcameron: i want to have your eye's babies

Dejection5: she couldnt make macaroni and cheese w/o starting a fire

WahWah: ask your boyfriend John Popper lol

u z z o l i n o: ebays rough cuz theres always that prick that out bids at the last second, and its by one dollar
u z z o l i n o: i hate him

stardust047: ...the more you know...
stardust047: lol
WahWah: *star*

stardust047: bad kissers are no fun =P
becca: they give you baths. its like um.gross

stardust047: thats what jerseyans have
Gar 1285: no we have anger issues
Gar 1285: FUCK YOU, so how was your day
Gar 1285: that type of thing lol

WahWah: the south is so weird
stardust047: and the north isnt?
WahWah: No, we won the Civil War, we're awesome.

WahWah: Ohh man am I jealous
stardust047: you're jealous of my grandma. haha

WahWah: I like the left shift key.
WahWah: NOT the right shift key
WahWah: the right shift key has aids

stardust047: i tried to watch Lost once. i was like "...wtf is going on?"
u z z 0 l i n: yea same and i was the one that was lost

Dejection5: it is sad...my wardrobe is sad
Dejection5: it cries with the pain of outdatedness

Dejection5: thats when you know you have a problem
Dejection5: if you dont have friends

KILLcameron: dont hhh tbs
KILLcameron: they don't like you either

Los angeles: india. we can move to india.
Los angeles: ride magic carpets to work.
Los angeles: rub bald people's heads and learn shaolin kung fu.
Los angeles: and drink tea.
Los angeles: and wave hi to brad pitt.

Dejection5: yeah me either it just popped into my head and i needed to hear it..stat

stardust047: i dont get football. at all. lol
timhasasecret: There's not much to get.
timhasasecret: Throw ball, catch ball, run ball, TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
timhasasecret: Funky dance, break it down.
timhasasecret: And then whoever has more points at the end wins.
timhasasecret: So, whoever has the best endzone dance moves wins the game.
timhasasecret: So football... is all about disco.

KILLcameron: being horney in church and sinning in church is not cool

stardust047: i was just curious cuz i havent seen you in ... how long?
celrdor: Five hundred thousand years.

KILLcameron: sam..
KILLcameron: we need a break..
stardust047: we need to see other ppl
stardust047: lol

Dejection5: this is why we can't have nice things...cuz its nerf or nothing

Dejection5: its like you look at a situation logically and youre like ok ..dont get ahead of yourself here but then youre brains like yay love is fun !!!! and yeah the battle continues
Dejection5: it'd be better if i had like a little cartoon animation for you

KILLcameron: i thought someone was hott but you was all "eww dats naaaasty nigga if you wanna hit it you can haaaaave it"
KILLcameron: hahah well maybe you didn't sing that ying yang twins song

Dejection5: hes is a world of cute

stardust047: we have the hiv
HighwayStar: haha
HighwayStar: Run away!

celrdor: It's so astoundingly wonderful that any attempt I make at telling you how wonderful it is will undermine its wonderfulness.

stardust047: alg B?
wahwah: yeah Alg b/2/electric boogaloo

QuirkyClumsy: awesome!!
QuirkyClumsy: i'm infectious.

secretsn: He's ruining the name for guys that I'm trying to uphold.
secretsn: I mean, I'm an asshole. We (guys) all are. But that guy sucks.

wahwah: I take it you told him you're already in a relationship with one Detective Stabler?

JasonWF: Money, fame, success... but now, my Sam! YOU WILL PAY!

makelove : you do have an awful short term memory for someone who smokes no pot

stardust047: ur mom sucks.

LightningS: sex at midnight
stardust047: too late
stardust047: its 1am
LightningS: sex at 1am
stardust047: haha, im going to bed likerightnow tho
LightningS: fine
LightningS: hows ur man
stardust047: haha
stardust047: hes good
stardust047: i miss him
LightningS: wht u broke up
LightningS: that sucks

KILLCAMERON: have you EVER listened to rap?

boredvin: hmm
boredvin: maybe i should kill you!!
boredvin: AHH!!!!!!
boredvin: *running at you with a water gun*

stardust047: my song isnt scary! haha
BECKsofresh: yes it is
BECKsofresh: it sounds like pure evil
BECKsofresh: they sound like satan on crack

wahwah: I am a dork
wahwah: That's how I get the fly honeys like my sawah bear

wahwah: I used to suck at litebrite, everything I made looked like abstract art

KILLCAMERON: you yankee

wahwah: I like my degrees to be plural


wahwah: It is hard to think while chocogasming
wahwah: We'll be too busy having candy cigarettes after our satisfying chocogasm

BeerLeg: I just bought Bree and I a couple of flash drives, I love them.
BeerLeg: I carry around all my addresses, my resume, pictures of bacon, etc.

BeerLeg: Us Harbers, underachievers.
BeerLeg: Actually you could call us eclectec.
BeerLeg: Renaissance people.

stardust047: that SUX
Shefu: who the fuck says SUX!
Shefu: this isn't 1998
stardust047: ok, forget i said SUX
stardust047: *tries again*
stardust047: lyke zomg that's FTL!
stardust047: (better?) haha
Shefu: yes xD

wahwah: you help me with maff, I help sam with nerd stuff

Gar 1285: i smell like a foot
Gar 1285: from a donkey
Gar 1285: that walked in 30 miles of cheese
Gar 1285: in the rainforest

Los angeles: yea, you're dad sent me GTFO cookies after we broke up.
Los angeles: they were deliciously depressing.

Big Gar 128: prinky promise
Big Gar 128: *pinky
stardust047): hahahahaha, i like prinky promise better

KILLCAMERON: youre just sitting there
KILLCAMERON: and you're like
KILLCAMERON: "sooo, my tounge's in your mouth DOTDOTDOT"

wahwah: Sam and Marc sitting in a tree!
wahwah: r-e-a-d-i-n-g

Ragnar: shhhh
Ragnar: its ok
Ragnar: just don't talk
Ragnar: just have this long roofie iced tea

wahwah: it should be illegal to be this cold
wahwah: 4srs

xxMachineLove: actually id prefer halloween
xxMachineLove: "will you marry me"
xxMachineLove: "only if you take off your darth vader mask and ask me yourself"
xxMachineLove: "it is your destiny"

wahwah: I'm gonna have to mortgage the house to buy a book of stamps pretty soon

wahwah: a lot of my dreams involve sex... and zombies

head of the: i'm also going to get more nautical tattoos and marry a man with them IN YOUR BED ROOM while the door is orange and i'm going to dress up like a light house and eat blue crab on your bed....with old bay dip

stardust047: you know what you need to get?
stardust047: A LIFE
stardust047: hahaha <333
killCAMERON: pwnd.
killCAMERON: haha
killCAMERON: true though ahha

Ragnar: but
Ragnar: your pretty when your drunk
Ragnar: i'm pretty when your drunk

killCAMERON: tbs hhh's you all the time

HighwayStar: were butt buddys didnt you know :D

...: it's not my fault you're a sexaholic and i just so happen to be made of sexahol

stardust047: you have to maintain your image
Gar 1285: yep
Gar 1285: a viking

Gar 1285: Je prends un thé pour cela que je peux vous apporter

stardust047: but they cant get through rubbermaid boxes very well. the squirrels i mean
wahwah: haha maybe that's our problem
wahwah: our containers are made of acorns

wahwah: DSL alone does not beauty make

stardust047: im listening to incubus
Gar 1285: there's something about them that makes me want to hurt cute things

ITLMA77: im aweseome
ITLMA77: cept spelled right

theabyss20: we are warriors sam
theabyss20: after sex i grab a gallon of water and guzzle it down as i triumphantly stand with one leg on my xbox and beat my chest.

Dejection5: it must be hard to sing in a cat outfit

stardust047: i quoted u in my profile
Dejection5: sweet
Dejection5: i feel like ive been inducted into the guiness book of world records

HighwayStar: i gotta see it
HighwayStar: and you can see mine

stardust047: i wanna go to cancun!
xxMachineLove: haha me too
xxMachineLove: oh wait i AM going
xxMachineLove: sick burn

Waltz for ZiZi: it's ag odo mvoei
stardust047: ...do u type with your eyes closeD?
Waltz for ZiZi: yes I do

LightningS: dont b sorry
LightningS: b naked

Dejection5: im like socrates..in smurf form

wahwah: what was it called, "Hottest girl that will ever show interest in me.jpg"?

wahwah: Then I want to fuck a man!
wahwah: ... that could be wrong out of context....

JasonWF: Can you stop living in a soap opera? It makes things a lot easier.

Reverie: i was working in a call center for panasonic and every day i just wanted to take a swan dive off their roof...although it was only a two-story building and i probably wouldve had to jump like 12 or 17 times before it worked, and im too lazy to take the stairs that often

wahwah: So that explains why there's pancake batter on the drink menu...

Dejection5: man must gravel
stardust047: u mean grovel?
Dejection5: yeaah thats it
Dejection5: not dirt

wahwah: and by 90% of girls, I mean every girl ever except her feet, lol

Ragnar: I want money
Ragnar: money is cool
Ragnar: and all the cool kids like it

wahwah: I need to start thinking again before school starts

Ragnar: send nudes/money

stardust047: or however u spell it
Frankie: I spell it p-u-s-s-i-e-s
stardust047: LOL
Frankie: but that's a local spelling

LOVE BEATS: don't try and get me tipsy and take advantage of me
stardust047: damn it.
stardust047: ok, i wont.
LOVE BEATS: no wait

Ragnar: I could hit you in the face until you liked it 0_0

Dejection5: man must gravel
stardust047: u mean grovel?
Dejection5: yeaah thats it
Dejection5: not dirt

stardust047: wrestling is no fun tho. its so fake. ufc is good because its real
Frankie: yeah but there's no chairs
Frankie: or tables
Frankie: or trash cans
stardust047: well... you've got me there.
Frankie: or cheese graters
Frankie: yes, cheese graters

stardust047: so everything is good now?
Dejection5: yup pretty much, now i just have normal problems haha

Dejection5: we'd have to flip a coin for french haha
Dejection5: whoever loses would have to be french-canadian

Frankie: we're pretty damn cool
Frankie: especially me

camm bby: i said
camm bby: OMGOD NO.

Dejection5: lol moose is my answer to everything

Tache: you and I will have a bathrobe party at your house.
Tache: it has been decided.
Tache: it will be right after the naked party
Tache: more on that later

camm: a/s/l
camm: and i'd be like
camm: 9/m/sc

MachineLove: L-I-E. S-A-M. three letters. can't be a coincidence

MachineLove: hell yeah bicthes
stardust047: haha
MachineLove: oh i mean bitch cuz its just the one of you
MachineLove: well your not a bitch
stardust047: ....lol
MachineLove: hell yeah ni$$a
stardust047: nissa?
stardust047: lol jk
MachineLove: n you bastard, in ebonics, $$ are g's
stardust047: haha i did not know that
MachineLove: thats because i work in the hood

MachineLove: im metal, i dont sleep...i smolder

Frankie: haha yeah but what better way to take your mind off nonsense than a preposterous-dinosaur slaying, easily stored model?

Dnath: don't lie sam
Dnath: you'd love it if I showed you my cell phone

MachineLove: bow down and do something domestic
MachineLove: clean my shoes

Dejection: ouu roofies

Dejection: dude we could become mormons
Dejection: then we could both marry him
Dejection: it might take two people to carry him so it could be useful

Dejection: haha so technically we're engaged!

stardust047: the 17 main characters is a bit much
stardust047: its like they ran out of ideas that week but HAD TO make an episode anyway...
wahwah: this episode is like a mad lib
wahwah: with guest stars

MachineLove: duh
MachineLove: thats like asking stanley strauss if he's ever had wives

stardust047: http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q314/honewatson/animals/baby-giraffe.jpg aww baby giraffe
wahwah: cuuuuuute
wahwah: It's like -_- I'm a giraffe!

Dnath: lies
Dnath: estrogen based lies

wahwah: haha it's a monty python quote? didn't notice
stardust047: i guess you havent seen Holy Grail?
wahwah: not in a while
wahwah: Let's put it this way, our monty python tapes are on Betamax (no joke) lol

EPIC: you have no say in this.
EPIC: if you say no ill rape you until you say yes

stardust047: its funny how we all love him now, but we thought he was weird back in the day
Dejection: well..cuz he was
Dejection: he was ahead of his time..we eventually got weird too

Dejection: maybe its better that way..getting to know a boy its just one more reason he needs to be smacked around

Dejection: voulez-vous coucher avec *trois*?

stardust047: we had to have been like 12 or 13 when it came out i bet
SandwchTax: well, I was like 416.
SandwchTax: I'm a highlander
stardust047: oh right. of course
stardust047: so i was 15, and you were 412
SandwchTax: by the way, don't chop off my head.
stardust047: k
SandwchTax: I need that, for being immortal and shit.

stardust047: snakes dont have hips either
stardust047: and bees dont have knees
stardust047: and cats dont have pajamas
wahwah: neither do bananas

wahwah: wow it's a fat girl trying to sound sexy
wahwah: must have moooooooore (oreos)

wahwah: I can't swim and the weight room is filled with gang members 24/7

theabyss: roses are red
theabyss: violets are blue
theabyss: and all my base are belong to you

for daniel: yeah life's quite interesting right now
stardust047: its stressful as hell
for daniel: this is why we have liquor and lots of it

MachineLove: its just weird that an entire era really is a huge fan of me

camm: well
camm: at least i'm getting the oppurtunity to learn chinese

camm: it's taking me back to my hippie days in elementary school

xxMachineLove: try not to be too jealous but i'm on the badminton team @ mon u
xxMachineLove: i should probably be considered for a full athletic scholarship

stardust047: a mexican highlander
stardust047: wow
Aesthetic: *queue theme music*
stardust047: there can be only UNO
Aesthetic: HAHA
Aesthetic: i almost spit out my water on that one

Reverie: i was an albino python
Reverie: want
Reverie: not was

wahwah: You say potato, I say hottest thing ever

SUP3R: do you want it? (don't be afraid to say no if you don't want it :P )
stardust047: that'd be really funny out of context

Dejection: yeah i miss friends
Dejection: i miss having them
Dejection: haha thats such a pathetic statement but its true

Dejection: yeah hes all skinny and into comps..it goes together

camm: he's cuuuuute
camm: i'd even hit thattt lmao

Dejection: marriage is for quitters anyway

wahwah: umm... err.. I mean... what the hell is this nerd crap? Star Wars?! I've never even seen it!

Frankie: haha i'm sorry, which of those ridiculous statements were you responding to?
Frankie: i lost track myself

TheTim: u know its not a convo between us until we mention save by the bell